Getting the printing right is only half the equation for us at Omne Communications.  Our printers are trained in all aspects of the print finishing process, so you can be confident that at every stage of your documents are in the hands of trained personnel.  
Our core fulfilment service encompasses:
?  binding
?  drilling
?  creasing
?  folding
?  perforating
?  pocket folding/gluing
?  laminating and celloglazing
?  trimming
?  kiss and die cutting
?  shrinkwrapping, and
?  stitching  
Additionally, for more complex direct mail campaigns, we can also provide:
Intelligent insertions including barcode scanning
?  Smart letters 
OCR matching
?  High speed, cost effective machine insertions
?  Collating, pre-sorting and lodgement
?  Custom-made envelopes 
?  Specialist packaging
?  Pressure sealing 
?  Online folding 
?  Hand and selective insertions.